Edit Work

Collection of Editing work, working closely with the Director, DOP & Production House to cut together their vision and tell their stories.

"Great editing is when you don't see it."

Director: Hopi Allard
DOP: Emile Kelly 
Al Dar
Agency: M&C Saatchi


Director: Irina Dakeva
DOP: Zack Spiger 
Client: Nuria

Director: Hopi Allard
DOP: Krzysztof Trojnar
Client: Marina Bay Sands
Agency: Iris Worldwide

'I Drive'
Director: Anthony Pellino
DOP: Ahad Mahmood
Client/Agency: Uber

'Hold On'
Director: Matt Jordan
DOP: Tom Welsh
Client/Agency: HP

Director: Matt Jordan
DOP: Tom Welsh
Lincoln (Ford)
Agency: GTB

Director/DOP: Harry Scott + Barnabas Chua
Client: LandRover/Defender
Agency: Spark44


Director: AndrĂ© Rodrigues
DOP: Tom Black
Client: Westpac
Agency: Head Start Home